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Second Half Technologies is a San Francisco based design and engineering firm established in 2015. We are composed of a portfolio of both open and closed source software and design projects for iOS, Android, and the web. To view a few products we've brought to life, see our projects at the links below.

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web products

Group Codes

A real-time collaborative code editor. Designed in-house and built using a state-of-the-art open-source text editor and WebRTC technology for live video chat.

Flat Icon Generator

Converts any image file into a customizeable flat-style icon. Designed in-house and built to work offline using progressive web technologies.

Dining with Strangers

A social discovery app for meeting people with similar interests. Designed in-house and built as a responsive web app.

Bowdoin Seven

A matchmaking service for Bowdoin College students. Designed in-house and built as a responsive web app.

Quick Grid

A Chrome extension for designers and developers. It overlays a grid on webpages to assist in designing pixel-perfect layouts. Built in-house.


A Chrome extension for designers and developers. It lets you preview copy edits to live webpages in real-time. Built in-house.

mobile products


Automatically converts any-length text into a perfectly-sized image that you can share with Twitter or any other social network. Website and iOS app built and designed in-house.


Twindr lets you clean up the list of people you follow with ease, using a Tinder-like interface to do so, so you can focus on what matters most. Built and designed in-house.


The first TouchID-secured photo locker on iOS. Built and designed in-house.

Bowdoin Dining

Allows Bowdoin College students to view dining hall menus and their student account balances. Built and designed in-house for iOS, Android, and the web.

WBOR Radio

The WBOR app suite provide ways for fans of WBOR 91.1FM to tune in to their favorite station while away from a radio. Built and designed in-house for iOS and Android.

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